ergo 7440

ergo 7440 is a black, toughened, pasty epoxy resin for application with composite or metal parts. The resin provides excellent strength build up after a long pot life, very good heat resistance as well as remarkable mechanical properties over a broad temperature range.


Product categoryEpoxy based structural adhesives
Colorblack (after cure)
Mixing ratio2:1 (V:V)
Viscosity [mPas]pasty, thixotropic (Mix)
Pot life [min]40 – 60
Fixture time [h]~3
Final strength [h]48 – 72
Tensile strength [N/mm2]
(DIN 53504)
Tensile shear strength [N/mm2]
(Alu-Alu; DIN EN 1465)
Tensile shear strength [N/mm2]
(Steel-Steel; DIN EN 1465)
Elongation at break [%]
(Nach DIN 53504)
Temperature range [°C]-60 – +180
Registrations & Certificatesergo 7440 meets the requirements according to DIN EN 45545-2 chart5, R1, R7 und R17 with HL1-3.
Container size
Bulk containers on request
50 ml | 200 ml | 400 ml

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