Private label

Thanks to modern printing technology, we are able to produce our private label products even in very small quantities. This makes it easier to test new markets, additional languages or innovative products.

This flexibility also allows marketing and sales campaigns that were previously difficult or even impossible to implement. Tins in the country design for the World Cup or competitions with individual codes on the tins are no longer a problem.

Would you like to thank our long-standing partners for the good cooperation? A can in your packaging with a personal greeting is sure to arrive perfectly.

Chemical products in Private Label from Kerona are a pillar of your brand success.



Place pictures of the last company celebration or personal addresses on your products. More individuality is hardly possible.



Do you already successfully sell technical products? Brilliant! High-quality care and maintenance chemicals create additional sales and strengthen confidence in your brand.



Language problems? Not with us! Forget expensive and impractical booklet and wrap labels. Several language versions even for small quantities.


Branch offices

Regionality is highly appreciated. The cans of each branch are provided with the respective regional contact persons. This creates closeness and trust.



Customer loyalty and surprise for every occasion and every season. Whether football, olympic games or christmas. The collective drive can also be addressed.


Gifts and promotional items

Te anniversary of a customer, a trade fair show, a thank you for reliable partners. All of this in your design.


We are Private Label professionals

Workshop, specialist trade, industry or give away:

With Private Label chemistry from Kisling, you receive multiple award-winning chemical products for your brand.

Thanks to our many years of experience in the development of products as well as intensive market observation, we offer a wide product range for your brand development.

Absolute high-end products with unique selling points as well as products for the broad customer market round off our portfolio.

Private Label as from 250 cans

You can purchase many of our products in your branded design with a minimum order quantity of 250 pieces.

– Reduced storage requirements
– Lower cost risk due to devaluation and scrapping of warehouse goods
– Low capital commitment

Large or very large quantities? No problem either .We supply startups as well as large international corporations.

A selection of our products

High quality problem solvers for demanding tasks and products for the broad user market. Our products support you in building or expanding your brand. We like to think outside of the box and don't limit ourselves to aerosol cans.


AC Cleaner Active Silver

Our active silver climate cleaner with KENA® bionics formula reliably combats unpleasant odors.


Rust Remover Kryo

Rust Remover Cryo is the world's coldest ice rust remover. The -60 degrees cold shock also loosens stuck connections. 


Oil Stain Remover Liquid

Guarantees quick and efficient removal of all types of oil stains.


Glass Cleaner

Label-free and therefore environmentally friendly glass cleaner.


Brake Cleaner

Proven and reliable cleaning.


Sqeaz Cleaner

Sqeaz Private Label is an innovative cleaning system for sensitive surfaces.


Our Technologies

We are constantly researching new technologies in our in-house development laboratory. What is created can be called Smart Chemical and is private label chemistry at its best.



Corrosion protection from a layer thickness of 10 µm. Impossible? No: available alternatives are organic, while Titanid® products are inorganic. This creates a very stable, metal-like barrier that reliably protects against corrosion.


Kena® Bionics

What nature has developed over millions of years is our role model. We are inspired by successful active principles from our environment. Water-repellent surfaces, dirt-resistant coatings or disinfecting silver.


Kena® Microfluids

Nanodynamic special surfactants transport active ingredients faster and more effectively. The enormous creeping ability enables dirt particles to penetrate and infiltrate. Despite the fact that no aggressive ingredients are used, cleaning is carried out gently but very effectively.