Compelling advantages


We manufacture and supply adhesives and sealants in a wide range of varieties. You can count on our experience in the development and manufacturing of high-quality products. Find out below what you can expect from ergo adhesives and sealants:


"White" safety data sheets


All our hazard-free adhesives and sealants bear the Kisling sustainability label. This label stands for highest quality, performance and sustainability in all phases of the product life cycle, from purchase to production and manufacturing to disposal.



Fast strength build-up

  • Short waiting time for further processing
  • Comparatively fast curing of the bond
  • Bonding can be fully subjected to load quickly


Low odour and low flashpoint

  • Reduced outgassing
  • Significantly reduced risk to health 
  • Low flashpoint
  • Better indoor air quality



Structural adhesives in general can be easily post-processed and also painted over. No BLRT - Invisible glue line. 



Products optimised for T-Mixers (Mini mixers)

Products with this label are optimised for the use of T-Mixers (Mini mixers) to increase productivity. T-Mixer reduce material loss in the mixer and ensure optimum utilisation of the adhesive.



Highest quality - Swiss made

Kisling combines all the necessary expertise under one roof – from formulation and mixing right through to filling and packaging. Our products are manufactured in a flexible machine plant, where productivity levels are high and changeover times are short. Based in Wetzikon near Zurich we are proud to say that our products are Swiss made.