ergo 4205

Special grade for the sealing of conical or cylindrical pipe threads e.g. Withworth threads according to DIN 2999 up to 3 inches. Product gives flexible film with an breaking elongation of more than 100%. The contained PTFE powder lowers the friction. Certified acc. to  DVGW (DIN EN 751-1) and NSF Standard ANSI 61 for use in commercial and residential drinking water systems not exceeding +82°C. NSF P1 listed for use in food processing areas.


Product categoryAnaerobic adhesives
DescriptionPipe sealant with PTFE
Density [g/cm3]~1.1
Viscosity [mPas]15 000 – 20 000 (thixotropoic)
max. Thread diameter3"
max. Gap [mm]0.30
Fixture time [min]15 – 30
Final strength [h]~12
Break away torque [Nm]
(DIN EN 15865)
5 – 10
Prevailing torque [Nm]4 – 7
Compression shear strength [N/mm2]
(DIN EN ISO 10123)
5 – 7
Temperature range [°C]-55 – +200
Registrations & CertificatesDVGW | NSF ANSI 61 | NSF P1 | WRAS
Container size
Bulk containers on request
50g | 250g

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