• Threadlocking



A threadlocker should securely connect two or more components to each other, even under load. Dynamic axial or transverse loads result in relative movements that lead to a loss of the pre-stress. This loss – coupled with the eventual failure of the screw connection – cannot be prevented long term, even with the use of ribbed washers, toothed washers and spring washers. Anaerobic thread sealant ergo threadlockers from Kisling ensure a secure connection, even under dynamic loads and vibrations.



Anaerobic Adhesives

ergo.® Threadlocking for fastening, securing and sealing threaded connections. Withstands vibrations and shock loads as well as long lasting mechanical stress. Fills the thread completetely and prevents corrosion.


Instant Adhesives

ergo instant adhesive for very quick bonding of plastic with plastic / plastic or plastic / metal screw connections. Good resistance against vibrations, temperature and varying climatic conditions. No resistance against acetonitrile, ketones, (e.g. acetone), esters, nitromethane, stronger bases and acids.