• Gaskets and flange sealants


Gaskets and flange sealants

Motor housings and flanges are in constant contact with different media and must be protected from inside to outside respectively from outside to inside. Conventional solid sealants do not offer 100% protection against leakage. Over time, the pre-load pressure applied to the screws leads to settling effects or to cracking or drifting of the seal. When subjected to loads over long periods, this then leads to a loss of the pre-load and then to leaks.



Anaerobic gaskets and flange sealants

The anaerobic ergo surface and flange sealants from Kisling offer reliable, long-term sealing of metallic gear and motor housings, plus flange connections. They generate a perfect material bond between the parts and ensure faultless adhesion. Another key advantage is that you no longer have to worry about storing solid sealants – a single ergo liquid sealant is all that is required.



ergo RTV silicones are used for durable elastic bonding and sealing of metal constructions as well as mechanically stressed parts. Stands out by its high resistance to vibrations, heat and weathering, as well as by its resistance to many chemicals and mechanical loads.