This Kisling product is suitable for bonding of metals like aluminum, steel, brass and its alloys as well as ferrite and a wide range of plastics and  combinations of those materials. It is a two-component system and cures after mixing into a dry, high-strength and impact resisting polymer film. The best mixture-ratio is 1:1 (V:V) and is obtainable without problems by using the common double-cartridges.


Product categoryMethacrylate structural adhesives
Colorbrown (after cure)
Mixing ratio1:1 (V:V)
Viscosity [mPas]14 000 – 17 000 thixotropic (Mix)
Pot life [min]2 – 3
Fixture time [min]4 – 5
Final strength [h]~12
Tensile strength [N/mm2]
(DIN 53504)
Tensile shear strength [N/mm2]
(Alu-Alu; DIN EN 1465)
Tensile shear strength [N/mm2]
(Steel-Steel; DIN EN 1465)
Elongation at break [%]
(Nach DIN 53504)
Temperature range [°C]-50 – +150
Container size
Bulk containers on request
50 ml
Dispensing gun

4472101 Dispensing gun, manual / 1:1 und 1:2 / 50ml
4472111 Dispensing gun, pneumatic / 1:1 und 2:1 / 50ml


4472046 Quadro B-Sys MBQ 05-16L / 1:1 & 2:1 / 50ml

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