Medium strength product with excellent resistance against chemicals and temeprature. Cures very fast, even on galvanised surfaces and on stainless or high alloyed steel. Certified acc. to  DVGW (EN 751-1) and to NSF ANSI 61 for use in commercial and residential drinking water systems not exceeding +82°C.  NSF S6 (P1) listed for use in food processing areas. Complies with the guide formulation of the German Federal Environment Agency, published 2016, February 11th, for use in contact with drinking water. 



Product categoryAnaerobic adhesives
DescriptionThreadlocker, medium strength
Colorblue / fluorescent
Density [g/cm3]~1.12
Viscosity [mPas]1 500 – 3 000 (thixotropic)
max. Thread diameterM 36
max. Gap [mm]0.25
Fixture time [min]5 – 15
Final strength [h]1 – 3
Break away torque [Nm]
(DIN EN 15865)
Prevailing torque [Nm]~10
Compression shear strength [N/mm2]
(DIN EN ISO 10123)
Temperature range [°C]-55 – +150
Registrations & CertificatesDVGW | NSF ANSI 61 | NSF S6 | KTW
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Bulk containers on request
10g | 50g | 250g

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